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Core Talks, ProVachan and UPSC Talk

Core Talks was a series of talks held on August 24, 25, 31 and September 1 in order to help students get insight into the core world of their departments. They had the opportunity of getting the first-hand review from the experts, our very own alumni who have established themselves in these fields so that they can make better career choices.

With the increase in the number of career opportunities in the non-core sector gearing up and resulting shoot in the number of students opting for non-core, there arises a need for detailed guidance from a resourceful personality. SARC gave these students a chance to clear all their doubts and anxious confusions through five sessions held in a week from Aug 26- Aug 31which covered a wide arena of non-core fields like finance, analytics, consulting, IT and FMCG. Our own alumni, who delved into the large ocean of opportunities and did extremely well in different non-core sectors, were invited to address the sessions and answer the queries of the students.

On Aug 7, SARC, for the first time, conducted UPSC Talk in the Prof. B. Nag Auditorium, VMCC, IIT Bombay. Kanishak Kataria (UPSC 2018- AIR 1) and Shreyans Kumat (UPSC 2018 AIR-4), the IIT-Bombay pass-outs who cracked one of the toughest and competitively fiercest exams out there were invited to address the students. Triumphing over 800,000 candidates in a gruelling ordeal, the two prodigies shared their experiences, tips and personal motivations that enabled them to have an edge over every other aspirant.

All the talks saw huge participation from the student community who were very enthusiastic about them and attended the talks in large numbers. SARC will constantly strive to bring more of such intellectual and insightful talks for the student community.