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Donation Drive for All India Flood Relief Campaign

Recent heavy rainfall has caused massive floods and landslides in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala.  As of August 11 2019, more than 169 people lost their lives, and more than 12 Lakh people took refuge in government relief camps. Some of these camps are facing an acute shortage of basic items.

The IIT Bombay student community wished to provide a helping hand to the affected people from these states to mitigate the loss of property, damages to human life and standing crops in these regions. So, the community planned to provide them with aid through different channels by mobilizing funds and various relief materials. They started from ground level by collecting various daily goods like biscuits, clothes, napkins, bed sheets, grocery items and all other products which were requested from the campsites through the volunteer networks across different camps. They will be reaching out to the affected areas by collaborating with various ground level NGOs.

We are proud that such a large number of students and staff came out in support of the people in the flood-stricken areas. We pray to God and hope that our country recovers soon from this tragic situation.