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Launch of the Alumni Student Mentorship Programme

Student Alumni Relations Cell (SARC) launched the much-awaited Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP) on Aug 2 which is an exclusive opportunity for the Institute students to get mentored by an alumnus of the Institute.

Through ASMP, the students can choose an alumnus in the field that interests them, which includes but is not limited to Analytics, Consult, Finance, IT, FMCG, Civil Services, Research and Core Fields. An alumnus has journeyed through the roads the students still aspire to travel and has dealt with the conflicting choices that they fear to face. Having a mentor not only gives them focus and clarity in their goals but also makes them a better version of themselves on both private and career fronts in life. With an alumnus acting as a mentor and guiding their decisions, the students will indeed make the best out of your situation.

This year saw great participation from both sides, the student as well as the alumni community, with about 300+ alumni mentors and 500+ student mentees in the programme. Many of you might also have registered for the programme. We wish you a wonderful mentorship experience ahead!