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Technical university of Denmark

IIT Bombay signed a memorandum of understanding with the Technical University of Denmark on 26th of March, 2019 to establish and carry on a student exchange program (graduate/undergraduate) between IITB and DTU.

  • DTU will send 2 exchange students to IITB each academic year and IITB will send 2 exchange students to DTU during the same period unless this number is varied by mutual agreement.
  • The exchange students must satisfy the language proficiency constraint before admission.
  • The exchange students may apply to any academic program offered by the host institution as a fulltime, non-degree student at a level determined by the host institution.
  • The exchange students must have completed at least two years of education at the host institution before applying for the exchange.

Neither university will be expected to take any action that would be contrary to its established academic regulations and practice