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Theatrefest 2019

The Institute Cultural Council and Fourthwall, the Dramatics Club of IIT Bombay jointly presented Theatrefest, the biggest celebration of theatre and the arts of IIT Bombay, on 18, 19, 20 October in the Convocation Hall. The fest featured three professional plays of the highest regard, performed on each of the three days.

The first day witnessed ‘Pitaji Please’, a play to underline the love between a father and his son. A compelling, warm, truthful play about a lie, it is directed by the very famous Makarand Deshpande. Though heavy on emotions, it did not come across as a preachers' manual on the father-son relationship, but there was indeed a certain honesty to it that made it relatable.

On the second day, the play ‘Refund’ was performed by Rangshila Productions.

It took up the incredulous situation of a middle-aged man walking up to his old school Principal and openly admitting that he is a failure in life and pinning the blame on his teachers. He demands that the school give him a ‘Refund’ of his entire school fees along with interest. The play takes an amusing turn when he demands that there be a re-examination for him for all his subjects, where he is determined to ‘fail’ his exam and the teachers are bent on ‘passing’ him in the exams.

The third and final day saw a play by an IITB alumnus - ‘Uljhan’, where three people - a student, teacher, and an actor are stuck in a world that is neither earth nor heaven and are trying to solve a puzzle.