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Institute Alumni Day

Save the date this December 22 to reconnect with friends, fellow alumni and the IITB community to reminisce, network, get updated, get rejuvenated and reconnect with your alma mater. Be a part of the vision for IIT Bombay through the Dean ACR's welcome address. Feel the impact of your alma mater's work in the world through short talks by experts. Experience the melting pot of plethora of exhilarating and invigorating activities and events including joint sports activities, hostel and department visits, networking events, cocktail dinners and a whole bunch of informal activities. The Distinguished Service Award and the Chapter Service Award will also be presented at the occasion. In addition to this, the announcement of Legacy Project by the Silver Jubilee Batch ('94) and address by Decennial Batch ('09) will also be held at the Alumni Day. 

Time: 9:15 am

Date: December 22

Hope to see you at the event, which will be bigger than ever before, with the launch of a host of new initiatives.