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Every year, reunions of various batches are held in the month of December. A lot of alumni come back to the Institute to relive a few moments of friendship and joy as well as pay their homage to the gardens, that groomed them into what they are today and contribute towards the greatness of the institute and welfare of the students. They return to the same institute and are filled with glee to see the stride in the institute that makes it an even better place to live in. With the air filled with nostalgia, laughter and reminiscence, the reunions are one of the most awaited events among alumni. The alumni also choose to make a special financial contribution which is also called the batch’s “Legacy Project”. Most of the reunion batches choose to contribute to an existing / ongoing project while a few batches choose to start a new legacy project.

Multiple reunions for various batches of the institute will be conducted as per the following schedule:

20th Dec to 22nd Dec- Silver Jubilee Reunion of Class of 1994

20th Dec to 22nd Dec- Decennial Reunion of B.Tech. Class of 2009/ DD Class of 2010

21st Dec to 22nd Dec- Reunion of Class of 1979

30th Dec to 2nd Jan - Reunion of Class of 1982

30th Dec to 2nd Jan-  Reunion of Class of 1982(USD)

Venue - Infinite Corridor, Academic Section, IIT Bombay