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Adverse Effect of Covid-19 on the campus

The outbreak of the Covid-19, which was soon declared as a pandemic, has set everyone in the world at a halt. All the global, national and local bodies have shut their institutions to stay away from getting in touch with this outrageous virus.

Our campus inmates and the institute routine also saw an adverse impact due to this. The institute followed the same with an emergency meeting of all Heads of departments and other academic and administrative units to take stock of the situation on campus, arising out of the Covid-19 outbreak in the country. This was particularly needed in view of the increasingly stringent measures being taken by MCGM and the state administration, to control the spread of the virus. Some major precautionary decisions were taken in the meeting following which all academic activities of the Institute including research got effectively closed till March 31 and following the 21 days lockdown in the country, it has been further delayed until June 1 to confront the ever-increasing adversity of the Coronavirus in the country. The summer vacations have been preponed and the semester has been decided to continue from June 1. 

We strongly urge you to follow the preventive measures as directed by the government and your local health authority and encourage others to do the same.