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Silver Jubilee Batch Initiatives

Travel Grants for UG students (by Class of 92’)

The Class of 92’ wanted to encourage UG students to pursue quality research projects and give them the experience of going overseas and presenting their work in reputed conferences. This would also help in terms of developing their confidence, communication skills as well as expose them to global research and give them an opportunity to network. The travel funds have often been a constraint in attending such events, as much of the Institute funds get consumed in supporting increase in the number of Ph. D. students undertaking advanced research. Consequently, the funds for UG student’s travel were in short supply. This is what led to an idea of establishing the Travel Grants fund for UG students.

Ms. Rekha Koita (batch leader of Class of 92’) has worked with the Dean ACR office and the Institute Committee to establish the eligibility criteria of students and the process of awarding these grants. It has been heartening to receive emails from students talking about their positive experiences who availed these grants and attended the conferences.

During their 20th year reunion in December 2018, Class of 98' also decided to support this noble cause. We envision this as an initiative which will be carried further by junior alumni batches.


Article credit: Ms. Rekha Koita (class of 92’)