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Product and Technology Development at IIT Bombay

This section will carry a series of articles showcasing the latest technology and product development activities at IIT Bombay,

In this month, we present five start-ups fostered at Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), IIT Bombay. SINE is an umbrella organisation at IIT Bombay for fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing tech start-ups. It is a business incubator which provides ‘Start to scale’ support for technology-based entrepreneurship and facilitates the conversion of research activity into entrepreneurial ventures.


1. Start-up: Ayu Devices Pvt. Ltd.

Inventor/s name: Adarsha Kachappilly and Tapas Pandey, Dr. Rupesh, Prof. B. Ravi, Dr. Nambiraj and Dr. Lancelot Pinto

Technology/Product: AyuSynk, Wireless Digital Stethoscope. 

Conventional stethoscope does not allow wireless listening of chest sounds. Also amplification and recording, sharing and analysis of Chest sounds is not possible since the data is not captured digitally.
Developed AyuSynk enables Bluetooth enabled wireless Chest sounds transmission allowing doctor to keep safe distance from patients and making the health professionals to listen to chest sounds in PPEs.
Also it enables amplification, recording, sharing required for telemedicine applications and analysis to detect the abnormalities in Heart and Lung sounds.
Heart and Lung diseases are the major cause of death in India and the world. We are motivated to develop devices, softwares and technologies to enable better detection of Heart and Lung diseases in resource constrained settings.


  1. To listen to chest sounds in PPE for reducing the infection transmission between doctor and patient required for COVID like pandemic.
  2. Telemedicine and Digital Health application to capture, record and share heart and lung sounds.


AyuSynk, a small device that can be attached to any conventional stethoscope to turn it into a digital stethoscope that features noise cancellation, sound amplification, recording and playback and precise visual representation of data to help doctors identify and analyze abnormal sounds which wouldn’t be possible in a regular stethoscope.

It helps in early detection of heart and lung diseases through analysis of heart and lung sounds.

COVID-19 patients having symptoms of pneumonia have characteristic lung sounds called Crackle and wheezes. AyuSynk helps in monitoring of the heart and lung sounds even keeping safe distance from the patients by using the Bluetooth capability of the device.

Website: https://www.ayudevices.com/

2. Start up: Endimension Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Inventor/s name: Bharadwaj KSS

Technology/Product: AI software to automatically read medical images and detect diseases at an early stage.

Description: The idea took shape when our team participated and won in LUNA-16, an International AI challenge for early-stage Lung cancer detection. The team finished 1st out of 360 Indian teams beating the likes of Intel-research and an FDA-approved product from Canon. This result gave the team confidence and belief to pursue this idea further.

Lung cancer is the most common cancer globally and only 16% of the cases are diagnosed at an early stage. Our AI algorithm helps doctors quickly detect minute lung nodules from Chest CT scans. The algorithm is validated at Tata Memorial Hospital with a sensitivity of 92.8%. The product can be used by hospitals and radiologists for lung cancer screening. We have extended the algorithm to include other lung abnormalities like COVID-19, lung opacities, consolidation, ground-glass opacities, and cardiomegaly. The product is currently deployed at 30 customer sites in India. AI is being used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis. It will impact patient flow, wait times, resource utilization and allocation, and risk-stratification.

Website: https://endimension.com/

3. Start-up: Haystack Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Inventor/s name: Dr. Anirvan Chatterjee


The Haystack Analytics genomic analysis software enables clinical decision-making through affordable, culture-free, comprehensive and fast clinical genomics. The software is deploy-ready eliminating the need to update infrastructure or upskill manpower in your diagnostic lab. The Haystack Analytics solutions deployed are:

  • ΩID Identify pathogens and superbugs with 1 test in 24 hrs
  • ΩTB Test for 18 antibiotics for tuberculosis in 5 days
  • COVID-19 genome-sequencing

Description: HaystackAnalytics is a genomic analytics company that focuses on clinical decision. Current day genomic analysis is complex and needs high skill levels. By converting this process into a software, our platform can provide a fast, comprehensive and accurate analysis thus enabling doctors to make better clinical decisions. The automated genomic analysis reduces the turn-around time of genomics from weeks to days.  The software automates bioinformatic analysis to produce clear and clinically relevant reports. This software is scalable to handle high sample throughput through an easy-to-use one-click format. The current range of genomic analysis products focus on infectious diseases bringing down the time of testing and also combining pathogen identification and drug-resistance in a single-test. 

Infectious disease contributes significantly to the public health burden leading to >20 billion infections and >10 million deaths annually. Additionally, antimicrobial resistance alone contributes to 700,000 deaths currently, an estimate that is expected to rise to 10 million in the future. India has a high burden of infections, e.g. India shares 25% of the global burden of tuberculosis. Such infections combined with the rising threat of drug-resistance needs to be diagnosed early and treated effectively. 

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has allowed us to gather high-throughput genomic data required for an in-depth inquiry and making simultaneous assessments possible. Genomics has the potential to translate into clinically actionable results. NGS tools are available to generate the data, but analysis of vast amounts of data remains challenging that led us to automate the genomic analysis. By offering a genomics-based, comprehensive diagnostic test, HaystackAnalytics can identify most infections, including emerging infections, and drug-resistance early and thus help put patients on correct treatment path.

Our single platform can be used for any type of genomic analysis. Our software is deploy-ready at the last mile eliminating the need to update infrastructure or upskill manpower in diagnostic labs and hospitals. Currently the platform caters to infectious disease products but can be upgraded to carry any type of genomic analysis in areas such as oncology or genetic disease.

The Haystack solution is comprehensive, flexible and secure that can be adapted to analyze genomic data for any disease profile.

The first market ready product was genomics-based drug susceptibility testing of 15 antibiotics for treating of drug resistant Tuberculosis, The pilot project was supported by the Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS) under the State TB Office and the Directorate of Health Services, Maharashtra. In the pilot Haystack demonstrated a sensitivity of 97% and specificity >99% for 13 anti-TB drugs, with the minimum turn-around-time of 1 day. This is expected to reduce turn-around-time by >90% and cost by >50%, to enable YoY reduction in disease incidence. As newer research emerged the test was easily upgraded to include 18 antibiotics, future-proofing these solutions.

The further development of a computing hardware that has been co-developed with Intel brings genomics on-site, to the table of the diagnostic lab, increasing flexibility for use and security. This makes genomics a scalable solution for mass deployment for patients without the need for molecular diagnostic labs to update infrastructure or reskill staff.

The latest expansion is to include the testing of all major pathogens with a single-test.

Genomics based tool for COVID-19

The Haystack platform is adaptable and flexible and was able to adapt to analyzing SARS-CoV-2. Using genomics, Hasytack demonstrated a scalable and sustainable way to ascertain retrospective transmission chains, thereby supporting prospective mitigation efforts. 

In the future, they envision this as a Disease Agnostic Diagnostic platform.

Website: https://haystackanalytics.in

4. Start-up : Inphlox Water Systems Pvt. Ltd. (INDRA WATER)

Inventor/s name: Amrit Om Nayak, Krunal Patel, Abhijit VVR, Aditya Vemuganti, Sri Teja Allaparthi

Technology/Product: Decentralized water treatment systems based on patented Electro-Coagulation and Electro-Chemical Oxidation technology for recycling Domestic and Industrial wastewater for reuse in non-potable applications.

Description: The founders had built prototypes for stormwater purification and greywater recycling as part of an Environmental Innovation Challenge while doing their Master’s in University of Washington, Seattle. Encouraged by successful trials and promising results, they relocated to India with a mission to offer robust and cost-effective solutions in water treatment in the severely water-stressed Indian market. Indra quickly developed a few India-centric prototypes for domestic sewage wastewater treatment.

Indra is quickly establishing itself as a reliable and efficient water treatment company in the sub 2 MLD capacity category in both domestic and industrial sectors with a range of modular systems where its largest compact module can treat up to 200 KLD.

INDRA’s robust system can handle extremely wide range of pollutants from typical sewage wastewater (STPs – Sewage Treatment Plants) to highly toxic industrial effluents (ETPs – Effluent Treatment Plants). The design of the treatment process with built-in automation and analytics always guarantees desired treated water output quality.

Fully automated, backed by INDRA SMART automation and INDRA SPECTRUM analytics platforms, enhancing system efficiency, and delivering consistent performance. Key benefits also include low energy consumption, no added chemical requirements, minimal sludge generation, water recovery of more than 95%, high operational efficiency and lower maintenance.

Indra’s growth and credibility is being fuelled by many successful on-site trials at Hotels, Textiles and Dye industries, Paper and Pulp industries across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Telangana. Indra is presently working with Somaiya Group, Nath Group, Govt. of Maharashtra, Govt. of Telangana among others to offer stable and robust solutions to their water management problems.

Indra has treated more than 200 million litres of wastewater till date and has positively impacted life of more than 5 Lakh people.

Website: https://www.indrawater.com/


5. Start-up: Sustainable References Pvt. Ltd.

Inventor/s name: Kaushik Bose, Rohan Gupta, and Soumya Bhattacharya.

Technology/Product: Ohm Assistant, an electricity activity tracker that gives real-time insights about your energy usage and house activity.

Description: With a vision of an energy-efficient future, SustLabs is trying to change the way electricity is consumed and understood in our homes. Their product, Ohm Assistant, an electricity activity tracker designed to help residential (and small offices) electricity users become energy wise and ultimately making homes smarter. An IoT product that allows users to track overall and appliance level electricity consumption without deploying any sensors. Their algorithms have allowed users to save over 17.5% of electricity. And now, they also feature in Mission Innovation 4 (by the EU) amongst the top 100 companies globally that are making a difference via saving electricity.

Ohm Assistant can be plugged in apartment’s MCB box which is then paired with their WiFi. Users can see real-time electricity consumption on their mobile phones. Not just that, users are also able see which appliances were awake through the day and how much have they been consuming.

Apart from the support from CISCO, Tata Power, etc., SustLabs is also part of Google Launchpad (one of the Top 10 companies in the AI/ML space). They have been able to partner & license out their tech-stack to multiple global meter manufacturers and utilities.

Website: https://www.sustlabs.com/