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Ubiqare Health Pvt. Ltd.

Start-up name: Ubiqare Health Pvt. Ltd.

Inventor/s name: Sundar Srinivasan, Sridhar Pillalamarri, and Prasanna Limaye

Technology/Product: Specialty mobility Healthcare platform as a service

Brief description about the Technology/Product: 

Ubiqare Health was founded in Sep 2017 with a mission to make specialty healthcare easily accessible to patients away from hospital, typically at home.  

Every year in India, more than 300M patients suffer from debilitating diseases like cancer stroke, and many other disorders that require long-term medical care and continuity of specialists care after discharge from hospital. Specialists and hospitals too miss the connect to their patients and lose control over treatment outcomes. 

Ubiqare solves this problem by combining Technology, Trust, Teamwork and Touch in one hybrid platform. This platform is a blend of mobility healthcare and clinical telepresence technology, collaborative model, last-mile clinical network and clinical workflows. It enables remote monitoring of patients’ conditions, quick clinical response to episodes and achieves high compliance to care protocol.  

This solution supports care for cancer, neuro-, ortho-, geriatric, pulmonary and other life-limiting chronic illnesses. This covers terminal, chronic, rehab, and post-acute care stages.

Ubiqare has deployed this solution in Bangalore and has delivered more than 10000 days of complex medical care to more than 250 patients. 

Ubiqare also responded to BIRAC’s nomination to join the fight against COVID and repurposed its platform for delivering and enabling COVID care at home. 

Website: https://ubiqare.in/





Ubiqare gets recognised amongst the 5 top palliative care start-ups impacting healthcare sector globally. https://www.startus-insights.com/innovators-guide/5-top-palliative-care-solutions-impacting-the-healthcare-sector/


Ubiqare gets recognised for COVID Care at Home