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Metwiz Materials Private Limited

Start-up Name: Metwiz Materials Private Limited 

Inventor/s Name: Prof. Parag Bhargava, Dhruv Parikh, Rashmi Dharmadhikari

Technology/Product: High quality advanced Customized laboratory process equipment (Hotplate with magnetic Stirrer, Overhead Stirrer, Hydraulic press)

Fostered at: SINE, IIT Bombay

Metwiz is a dynamic research and innovation center that promotes “Make in India” manufacturing. They offer cost-effective, reliable, and high quality advanced and customized Laboratory process equipment.
The Idea behind their product line came through the research experience where Prof. Parag Bhargava from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, noticed researcher's pain due to frequently failed simple but basic laboratory equipment. Prof Bhargava along with Rashmi Dharmadhikari, an experienced researcher and a team of young engineers is creating implementable solutions in the field of laboratory Instruments, Customized manufacturing, MedTech.
With a vision towards providing sustainable solutions in Materials research processing, the team is working towards 4Ds - to Discover, Design, Develop & Deploy.

Initial seed funding and mentoring support from SINE in designing business strategy, market development paved the way for sustained growth. A wide network of SINE helped them to promote their brand in their target market. Through SINE they also participated in Academia Industry Training a cross border program with Swissnex.

Picture of the Technology/Product

This start-up has been fostered at Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE), IIT Bombay. SINE is an umbrella organisation at IIT Bombay for fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing tech start-ups. It is a business incubator which provides ‘Start to scale’ support for technology-based entrepreneurship and facilitates the conversion of research activity into entrepreneurial ventures