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Ayati Devices

Start-up name: Ayati Devices Pvt. Ltd.

Inventor/s name: Nishant Kathpal

Technology/Product: Portable Diabetic Foot Screening Device

Ayati Devices, a healthcare start-up incubated at SINE, is developing innovative healthcare products with a solid focus on neuropathy (sensation loss) and foot complications due to diabetes. They have developed screening devices to help clinicians diagnose diabetic patients early to prevent foot amputations.

Their device NEUMU: Neuropathic Measurement Unit is a diabetic foot screener, which takes less than ten minutes to screen a patient for neuropathy. The device quantifies multiple parameters and automates the process, thereby making it easy to use by general practitioners and paramedics. It is of the size of the shoe box, portable, and battery powered. Thus, it is helpful in fewer resource settings like rural areas. The miniature scale version of NEUMU is VIBRASENSE, which is already available in the market.

Nishant Kathpal, an M. Tech in Electronic Systems from IIT Bombay, and his mentor Dr. Rupesh Ghyar from BETiC Lab at IIT Bombay founded Ayati. The idea for the start-up took shape when Nishant attended a Collaborative engineering course at IIT Bombay, where doctors and engineers come together to solve a real-life problem. Dr. Rupesh introduced him to the problem of Diabetic Foot. The motivation got stronger with some of his family members also affected with severe neuropathy. It led him to problem validation, and after conducting several surveys and interviews, he drew proof of concepts for solutions around significant pain points. Recipient of Best Start-up Award in Spain, BIG and BIPP Grant, the company has many more accolades to their credit.