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IIT-Bombay calls Afghan students to Campus amidst Crisis

Due to the political crisis in Afghanistan, there is unrest across the country. IIT Bombay has accepted the applications of students living in Afghanistan to come to campus. There are a total of 11 Afghan students in IIT Bombay pursuing M. Tech. Degrees. Two of them have joined last year and nine have applied under Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) scholarships. Of them, two students are currently on campus. The students were participating in their courses from home due to the pandemic. The students requested IIT Bombay for help with visa applications to leave their country. IIT Bombay took up the issue with the ICCR and Education Ministry. However, unfortunately, it seems too late as the situation in Afghanistan has steeply deteriorated, and we can only hope that these students will be able to continue pursuing their dreams.