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IIT Bombay research on use of Infrared Technology to study Covid Severity

A study led by IIT Bombay Prof. Sanjeeva Srivastava has developed a method of using infra-red technology to rapidly test patients that are at higher risk for severe cases of COVID-19. The study was a collaboration between Kasturba Hospital, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute of Australia, and Agilent Technologies and led by Prof. Srivastava is published in the journal Analytical Chemistry.

The team conducted an FT-IR study and mass-spectrometry-based proteomics study and found a correlation between the severity of infection and blood chemical signature. As per the study, the test achieved 85 per cent accuracy in a pilot study and can be used as a quick and cost-effective way to test patients in Covid hotspots. Dr. Jayanthi Shastri from Kasturba Hospital, Mumbai, opined that this kind of blood test would benefit Covid response in India.