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People’s Choice Award in Royal Microscopical Society Scientific Image competition 2021

The Royal Microscopical Society, Oxford, UK, holds image (Transmission electron and Scanning Electron Microscope) competition globally once in two years. IIT Bombay’s Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science recently participated in the contest by sending the Transmission Electron Microscopy Image of Tin Oxide nanoparticles taken by Nitin Arya, doing Ph.D. under Prof. R.O. Dusane. This image was acquired at the newly commissioned TEM facility located in the department of MEMS.

A total of 36 images were shortlisted out of more than 100 images from 40 countries across the globe. This image won the People’s choice award. Incidentally ours is the only entry selected from Asia apart from one from Japan.
Following is the link to see the images that have been awarded in the contest: https://www.rms.org.uk/study-read/news-listing-page/imaging-competition-...