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Dean's Message

Dear Friend,

Greetings from IIT Bombay!

I hope you are all healthy and safe.

This September saw IIT Bombay acquire a new lease of life. It welcomed new PG students to the IIT Bombay family, with a flurry of 'online' orientations for the new entrants to enliven the atmosphere. We heartily welcome all the new students and wish them all a prosperous and successful term ahead.

Along with this new hush, there was noise, clamor, and frenzy, too, as current students engaged in preparations for their mid-semester examinations (starting in the first week of October) with utmost dedication aplomb. Our professors' and students' immense efforts who have worked hard over the last two months paid off as students and professors alike started to fit into this alien mode of education.

JEE Advanced and JEE Main were held in September when the COVID cases were peaking, and our alumni came to the rescue yet again. To help the JEE (Main) and NEET candidates in various locations across the country, several students and alumni of IIT Bombay came forward to connect needy candidates with the volunteers willing to help transport or monetarily through an online portal. To provide the safest, most pleasant experience to each of the 26,000 IIT Bombay zone JEE aspirants, 187 centers in 49 cities in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, and Goa were selected as opposed to last years' 95 centers in 25 cities.

I thank you for the nominations sent by you for Distinguished Service Awards and Chapter Service Awards. I am glad to announce the Distinguished and Chapter service awardees (DSA and CSA) for this year. The committee has selected the following Alumni for DSA 2020 -. Raghunandan Krishnamurthy: M. Tech.1972 Mechanical Engineering and Sachin Galgalikar: B.Tech.1986 Mechanical Engineering. The committee has selected the following Alumni for CSA 2020: Bhalchandra Gopal Deokule: M.Tech.1977 Aerospace Engineering (Chapter: Hyderabad), Dr. Shankar Moni: B.Tech.1984 Electrical Engineering (Chapter: Bengaluru), Sharat Chandra K: B. Tech.2001 Chemical Engineering (Chapter: Hyderabad), Dr. Chandan Mozumder: Dual Degree- B.Tech. and M.Tech.2005, Aerospace Engineering (Chapter: Michigan), Gaurav Porwal: Dual Degree - B.Tech. and M.Tech.2005, Chemical Engineering (Chapter: Hyderabad), Mudit Jain: B.Tech.2011, Electrical Engineering (Chapter: Jaipur). My heartfelt congratulations to all the awardees.

Two of our faculty members, Prof. Suryendu Dutta of the Department of Earth Sciences and Prof. U. A. Anandavardhanan of the Department of Mathematics, have been selected to receive the most prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for the year 2020 in their respective areas. We wish them continued success in their research endeavours.

We are also happy to announce the names of faculty members who have been awarded the Prof. S. P. Sukhatme Excellence in Teaching Award for the year 2020 during the Teachers' Day function on September 5, 2020: Prof. Gajendra Kumar Adil (SJMSOM); Prof. Sudesh Balan (IDC School of Design); Prof. S. Baskar (Mathematics); Prof. Anurag Mahesh Kumar Garg (ESED); Prof. Suvarn Subhash Kulkarni (Chemistry); Prof. Malay Mukul (Earth Sciences); Prof. Sahana Murthy (ET); Prof. Suresh C. Patel (Earth Sciences); Prof. Nithyanand Prabhu (MEMS); Prof. Vaijayanthi Mala Sarma (HSS); Prof. Dinesh Sharma (SJMSOM); Prof. Nishant Sharma (IDC School of Design); Prof. Sanjeeva Srivastava (BSBE); Prof. Vikram Singh Sirola (HSS); Prof. Perumal Vedagiri (Civil)

A group led by Prof. Archana Pai of the Physics Department detected and followed the gravitational wave originating from one of the farthest corners in the universe where a collision of black holes took place and, for the first time, they could show that it is indeed possible to have an 'intermediate-mass black hole' as a by-product! The work was carried out as a part of the LIGO project.

Dr. Pramod Chaudhari, one of our Distinguished Alumni, has just been conferred with the prestigious George Washington Carver Award for the year 2020, the highest recognition for contribution in industrial biotechnology. He is also the first-ever Indian to be selected for this award.

We are pleased to inform you that Mr. M.S. Unnikrishnan, former CEO of Thermax, has now joined the IITB-Monash Research Academy as its next CEO, who, with his vast industrial experience, is sure to increase the scope of activities of the Academy manifold. We also thank Dr. Murali Shastry, the previous CEO of the Academy, for his outstanding leadership role.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the in-person lecture delivery to shift to online mode for several educational institutes worldwide, IIT Bombay continued its legacy of continually creating more opportunities for the students. It came up with an assembly manual for a solar cell-based laptop charger that provides low cost, Do It Yourself (DIY) solutions for students suffering from prolonged power cut during their online classes, who face disruptions in remotely attending the online lectures due to unreliable/intermittent electrical connection.

With the placement season in full swing SARC commenced with a series of 25 Core Talks spanning 15 departments this month to help students become more aware of the opportunities that lie in front of them! Second-year students also submitted their resumes for the first time.

The generous contribution received from our alumni, corporate entities, and other friends of the Institute helps in making an important difference in our endeavor to pursue global excellence. The contribution towards Institute Development, Infrastructure Development, Young Faculty Awards, Chair Professorships, Hostel Development, Student Development, etc. are examples of the utilization of these funds for the betterment of the Institute. We invite you to contribute to the Institute’s betterment to the best of your ability.


Suhas Joshi,

Dean, Alumni, and Corporate Relations


E-Mail: dean.acr.office@iitb.ac.in

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Prof. S. C. Sahasrabudhe Award for Teaching Excellence

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Room temperature synthesis of In-catalyzed Silicon nanowires (SiNWs) on a flexible substrate for electronic applications

Name: Nitin Arya (Ph. D. student)

Department: ME & MS

Name of supervisor: Prof. R. O. Dusane

Synthesis & Study of TE properties of p-type Mg2(Si1-x-ySnxPby) materials Description of Research Work

Name: Debanjan Sarker

Department: Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science

Supervisor: Prof. Titas Dasgupta


How Smart is Momentum Strategy? An Empirical Study for Indian Equities

Name: Apurv Nigam (M. Phil. student)

Department: SJMSOM

Name of supervisor: Prof. Piyush Pandey

Effect of aspect ratio on geometric factor solutions for SENW fracture test specimen

Name: Hrushikesh Sahasrabuddhe (Dual Degree -B.Tech + M.Tech student)

Department: Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science

Name of supervisor: Prof. Nagamani Jaya Balila

Thermal Management System for Battery Electric Vehicle

Name: Vinayak Kulkarni (M. Tech. student)

Department: Mechanical Engineering

Name of supervisor: Prof. Shankar Krishnan


Influencing Opinion Dynamics in Networks with Limited Interaction

Name: Anmol Gupta (Dual degree- B. Tech + M.Tech. student)

Department: Electrical Engineering

Name of supervisor: Prof. Sharayu Moharir

Cross-Talks of Virulent Bacterial Lipid Biomolecules with Host Cell Signaling Pathways: A Quantitative Approach for Therapeutic Interventions

Name: Manjari Mishra (Ph. D. student)

Department: Chemistry

Name of supervisor: Prof. Shobhna Kapoor

Conditions leading to the decision to litigate contractual disputes in construction

Name: Murali Jagannathan (Ph.D. student)

Department: Civil Engineering

Name of supervisor: Prof. Venkata Santosh Kumar Delhi