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Dean's message

Dear Friend,

Greetings from IIT Bombay!

Hope you are healthy and safe.

It has been an extremely eventful month for us here at IIT Bombay. We had a flurry of online interactive activities for the students and staff alike. After the completion of the first month of the New Year, the online semester is also in full swing, and with the commencement of mid-semester exams this month, the atmosphere for the students has turned quite somber as well. Classes and exams continue to be online for the current semester.

As for the situation on the campus reboot program, we had started inviting requests from resource-constraint students around mid-December. More than 300 students from this category have voluntarily returned to the campus as of now. Priority is now given to final semester Masters Students. On-campus, more shops are open outside the hostel areas, and the gymkhana ground is open as well. Wearing masks is mandatory in public, with a fine for non-compliance.

The Interim Session of 59th Convocation of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay was held on February 27, in virtual reality mode, keeping in view COVID-related protocols. Mr. Adil Zainulbhai, Chairman, Quality Council of India, and Former Chairperson, McKinsey, India was the Chief Guest for the occasion.

The online semester, however, does not seem to be keeping all the students happy. Hence, the Institute is taking a step in the direction of looking into student grievances through a proper mechanism and taking a holistic view of the current redressal system. In this effort, we floated a form to get a deeper understanding of the exact issues that students have been facing over the years with respect to faculty members, offices, etc. We will be addressing these issues shortly. We also successfully conducted the “Ask Me Anything” session with the Institute functionaries, and a lot of key questions were addressed during the session. We would like to thank all students for participating in the AMA session.

February also saw a plethora of online events in the Institute.  E-Summit ‘21- A Blizzard of Ingenuity, was held on February 6-7, the 16th edition of the annual fest which aims to cater to the needs of every entrepreneur, professional, and student, on the online platform ‘Gathertown’. Throughout the two days, they conducted Live Pitching Events, Competitions, and Internship Drives. Some of the highlight speakers were - Ritesh Agarwal (Founder & CEO of OYO Rooms), Jordan Belfort (Author of The Wolf of Wall Street), and Swami Ramdev (Founder of Patanjali Ayurved). The PG weekend was also organized this month. It was an amalgamation of Dance, Fashion, Drama, Music, and Classical and Folk Arts- where PG students fought it out for their department's glory. There were also many interesting technical workshops held for expanding their knowledge horizon.

We also organised the ‘Radhika Rajan Women Leadership Lecture’ in virtual mode on February 18, on the topic ’How to be Human’ by Ms, Manjeet Hirani. Ms Nivedita Pawar, consultant counsellor, Student Wellness Center, held a session on self-love and good habits on February 14. Roots, the cultural and folk arts club of IIT Bombay, organized “Dharohar”, which was the first flagship event of the Institute Cultural Council this year. ‘Aavhan’, the sports festival of IIT Bombay also conducted panel discussions on various topics. It also had quizzes and a “FitFest” and “Triviathon” as well, as a part of ‘Aavhan’.

Student Alumni Relations Cell (SARC) launched a Transverse Mentoring session as part of the Alumni Student Mentorship Program on February 13, which was a closed gathering of students and alumni that provided with a networking opportunity. We thank all our alumni who took part in these activities to make it a success.

We look forward to celebrating ‘Foundation day’ on March 10 in person. The event will also be streamed live (online). The Research Excellence Awards, Distinguished Alumnus Award, and Young Alumni Achiever Awards will be presented during the Foundation day function.

The generous contribution received from our alumni, corporate entities, and other friends of the Institute helps in making an important difference in our endeavor to pursue global excellence. The contribution towards Institute Development, Infrastructure Development, Young Faculty Awards, Chair Professorships, Hostel Development, Student Development, etc. are examples of the utilization of these funds for the betterment of the Institute. We invite you to contribute to the Institute’s betterment to the best of your ability.


Suhas Joshi,

Dean,  Alumni and Corporate Relations


E-Mail: dean.acr.office@iitb.ac.in

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News from IITB

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Supervisor: Prof. Varun Bhalerao

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