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August 2021

Dean’s Message

Dear Friend,

Greetings from IIT Bombay!

Hope you are healthy and safe.

The cloud seems to be settling on the pandemic situation in the country, and we hope to see better days in the future. The number of vaccinations across the country is inching upward, while the active cases are going down. IIT Bombay Hospital is also a busy vaccination centre now!

But as we know, life is not always fair. With long days on the job, colleagues often become like a second family and saying goodbye to any family member is difficult.

IIT Bombay family is deeply saddened by the demise of Prof. Rinti Banerjee, Professor, Biosciences and Bioengineering, due to post COVID complications. Everyone who knew Prof. Rinti will remember her brilliance, charm, and commitment to the field. A much-loved colleague, a great teacher and a prolific researcher, Prof. Rinti was accoladed for several COVID related research projects.  

A deadly second wave of coronavirus infections sweeping through India has left almost no one unaffected. The Institute grieves the loss of our six employees to the pandemic. Our heart will always fondly remember every family member we lost and their immense contrinution towards the growth and development of the Institute.

As Mumbai is now welcoming fully vaccinated citizens, the Institute has also updated the travel quarantine rules, which will enable the students to lead productive and easy life.

The consent forms were mailed to all PhD students, second-year masters students (two-year degree programs) and fifth-year students (of dual degree programs), facilitating their return to the campus.

After an extremely fruitful Summer of 2021, the students experienced a smooth online registration process. The UG and PG students commenced their Autumn Semester of 2021-22 on July 26, 2021, with new hope and enthusiasm. While the uncertainty prevails, the students of IIT Bombay must not lose out on academics. The Senate has confirmed the next semester will be conducted online. As the situation permits and the Government allows physical classes in residential campuses, the campus will open for physical classes.

IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation "IITBHF", the US-based alumni support group for Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, celebrated 25 years of supporting its alma mater with over $50 million in donations during a virtual event attended by hundreds of leading alumni and past and current IIT Bombay Directors.

The liberal contributions from our alumni and other well-wishers of the Institute helps make an essential difference in our endeavour to pursue global learning standards. These contributions is what keeps us moving forward with full zeal towards the overall development of the Institute. We invite you to contribute to the Institute's betterment to the best of your ability!


Suhas Joshi

Dean of Alumni and Corporate Relations

Tel: +91-22-2576-7023

Email: dean.acr.office@iitb.ac.in

News From IITB

Ansys Announces M. Tech Fellowship Awards at IIT Bombay

Ansys, the global leader and an Innovator of engineering simulation software, partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) to fund M. Tech. students undertaking projects in socially relevant domains.

IIT Bombay Partners with HDFC ERGO to provide long - term Strategic Business Solutions

The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT Bombay) has partnered with HDFC ERGO General Insurance, India's leading private sector general insurance company.

A new NFT platform by an IIT Bombay graduate allows everyone to set up their shop online

Toshendra Sharma, an IIT alumnus, wants to democratize the market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

IIT Bombay held a talk on 'Mental Health.'

IIT Bombay’s social body 'Abhyuday', held an Instagram live talk on mental health on July 05, 2021 to address various issues faced by the diverse youth of the nation.

IIT Bombay Alumnus Bhavesh Agarwal's OLA E-Scooter will be Home-Delivered

Ola Electric adopts the direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales model for its e-scooter - Series S.

Vinodh Gopal, IIT Bombay's Alum Innovation made Online Shopping Secure

Intel's Vinodh Gopal became the company's Innovator of the Year in 2019. He holds 270 US patents, out of which 93 are deemed critical to the industry and Intel.

IIT Bombay faculty takes a shot at a long-standing problem in computer science

Is it a matter of time before efficient algorithms enable a computer to carry out the most creative tasks, including proving mathematical theorems? The key to this question lies in the P versus NP problem in computer science, listed as one of the "millennial problems" and hasn't been solved yet.

IIT Bombay student racing team wins big at Formula Student UK

The student racing team of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay is the first Indian team to win in the overall winners' category at an international Formula Student competition.

Alumni Initiatives

IIT Bombay establishes an Endowment Fund to recognize excellence in doctoral research, with donations from Mr. Sandeep Naik and alumnus Mr. Shantanu Rastogi

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) is pleased to announce the establishment of an endowment fund to support research at the Institute, sponsored by Mr. Sandeep Naik and alumnus Mr. Shantanu Rastogi.

Faculty Interview

In conversation with Alumni

Prof. Rinti Banerjee: A tribute to a Colleague and Mentor

Special Alumni Initiative

IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation Celebrates 25 years of Supporting IIT Bombay

IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation Celebrates 25 years of Supporting IIT Bombay IT Bombay Heritage Foundation "IITBHF", the US-based alumni support group for Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, celebrated 25 years of supporting its alma mater with over $50 million in donations during a virtual eve

Upcoming Events

Launch Event

Topic: Alumni-Student Mentorship Program (ASMP)
Date & Day: August 15, 2021 (Sunday)
Organizer: SARC

Birth Anniversary of Prof. N. R. Kamath

Topic: Birth Anniversary of Prof. N. R. Kamath
Date & Day: Sept 08, 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Platform: Registration link opens shortly. Save the date

Changing Role of Chemical Engineers Panel discussion by IITB Chemical Engineering Alumni

Topic: Air Quality – Role of the Chemical Engineer
Date & Day: September 04, 2021 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30 - 9:00pm IST

59th Convocation of IIT Bombay

Topic: 59th Convocation of IIT Bombay

Chief Guest: Prof. Geoffrey Hinton, FRS

Date & Day: August 07, 2021 (Saturday)

Time: 02:00 pm onwards

Platform: You can join the event through Live telecast on IIT Bombay's YouTube channel:

Student Research activities at IIT Bombay

Evaluation methods for low-cost particulate matter sensors

Vikas Kumar

Department: Climate Studies, First Year

Name of supervisor: Manoranjan Sahu

Contact: +91 8257834387

About Project:

Product and Technology Development at IIT Bombay

QAWaCh Bio Pvt. Ltd.

Start-up name: QAWaCh Bio Pvt. Ltd. (Please note 'QAWaCh' is written with second a and h in small).

Inventor/s name: Dr. Rashmi Tambe Shukla

Pacify Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Start-up name: Pacify Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Inventor/s name: Saiprasad Poyarekar and Anmol Zimare

Technology/Product: Skin spray gun for effective healing of large burn wounds.

Exciting News

The Alum Oracle

The first-ever department alumni magazine, "The Alum Oracle" is here.

 The Newsletter provides an annual update of the events involving the participation of notable alumni of the department.