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Student Alumni Relations Cell (SARC) is a student organization, which is run by the students of IIT Bombay. It is an integral organ of the Dean Alumni and Corporate Relations (Dean ACR) Office, which is completely dedicated towards strengthening the bond between students and alumni. SARC has launched many initiatives which have acted as a common platform for interaction and networking between students and alumni. SARC has been instrumental in organising the Student Alumni Meet (SAM), usually held during the first weekend of October. It is an open platform for students to interact with the alumni in person.

  With the aim of mending the broken link between students and alumni, SARC launched Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP) with the belief that close and continual interaction with alumni will help students gather invaluable advice regarding overall development and will also aid them in taking crucial informative life-changing decisions.

 SARC also provides a unique platform for direct telephonic conversations with the alumni through Phonathons. In the last 6 years, SARC has connected to around 8000 alumni through this huge platform. Not only do the students get to talk to alumni, we also reconnect alumni to their alma mater. This helps us in gathering information and conducting Reunions. We usually conduct them in December, when alumni are mostly available to revisit old memories and reunite with their friends.

 SARC tries to keep alumni informed about the various student activities and the current research going on in the Institute through the Dean ACR Newsletter, fondly known as “Knowledge Tree”. This features faculty interviews and articles on student activities such as technical breakthroughs, GC results, PAF and several other such activities.

 Executing alumni-driven initiatives for the benefit of students, assisting Alumni Association (AA) for organising various reunions and bridging the connectivity gap between the Institute and alumni allows SARC volunteers to get an insider’s view into the alumni world. Working for the betterment of the Institute also motivates students to understand the values created by all well-wishers of IIT Bombay. Through the efforts of SARC, IIT Bombay's alumni are now able to pro-actively contribute towards the betterment of their alma mater.

To get connected with our alumni world or to know more about SARC, do visit http://sarc-iitb.org/